Alice Keck Park, Santa Barbara

Be realistic about budget and stay on track with it.

Since we are young, we fantasize about a big wedding, a fairy princess wedding, or a wedding far away at some exotic destination. Whatever your dream, you must have a budget and stick to it.

Nowadays, couples are breaking with tradition and paying for their own wedding. First thing you do is decide on a budget and stick to it! I am not talking about taking out a huge loan for a one or two day event that you will be paying for the next to fifteen years.

Here are some budget tips for you.,..

  1. be realistic about your budget
  2. stick to your budget
  3. don't spend more than you can afford
  4. don't let the wedding budget get in the way of your wedding itself
  5. don't be afraid to ask for help
  6. choose a time of year that makes sense for your budget
  7. find a wedding location that fits your budget style
  8. make sure you have the right caterer
  9. stay on track with your timetable and plans
  10. use a checklist to help keep your budget on track

Remember to use the internet for wedding resources if you are not planning on hiring wedding planner. Also, some wedding companies offer preplanned wedding packages. Book the package that suits your budget and they do the rest.

Don't make yourself crazy, enjoy the process, and, more importantly, enjoy your wedding day! x