About Alma Rose

About Alma Rose

Hello, I am Alma Rose. I find beauty in life.

I am a lifestyle  and elopement  photographer based  in Santa Barbara, CA. Photography has been my calling for the last fifteen years.  I am a woman of faith originally from Baja California, Mexico.



My modern approach to photography is fun and candid by nature with a timeless soulful artsy influence. I have always nurtured my creativity and instinct  in  photography.  I love the look of a soft edge in my  images. My clients love details, emotions, and unscripted moments captured in an honest fashion.  I love using the sun to produce naturally sun-filled images you will always cherish.


I donate photography time to several charitable organizations in Santa Barbara and Montecito. To quote Alma Rose "I love giving back to the community that has allowed me to grow as a photographer".

Thank you for being here and exploring my work.

Capturing light, feelings & moments and all the things in between people and life.

Timeless & Artistic Photography

Let's connect and capture

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I treasure the chance to cultivate genuine friendships with my couples and families—from the pictures to the priceless moments spent together and to create sincere bonds that go well beyond the frame of the camera. This is the source of my photographers' enthusiasm.