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Why Elope?

Modern day eloping involves foregoing a traditional wedding in favor of a more intimate ceremony. It doesn't necessary imply that you and your partner went on a secret getaway without telling anyone.  It's a unique way to commemorate your marriage, especially if you don't want to have a typical ceremony. If you don't want to have a traditional wedding, you can elope with your partner. 

As you honor your big day, you might both plan to visit your dream spots throughout this time. It's a fun alternative that doesn't require you to invite a large number of people, unlike a traditional wedding.

What is a modern day elopement?

You must consider the true meaning of elopement because there are many myths surrounding it. People used to believe that elopement was a disgraceful practice and that couples who chose to have private weddings were unhappy. The couple decides to depart because they believe their family have disapproved of their romance. Some people even feel that elopements aren't legitimate weddings since they've been fed false information. However, as time has passed, so have the interest in modern elopements. Elopement was defined differently back then and been redefined as follows...

Elopement is a non-traditional, private, and intentional means of getting married in today's world. Elopements today come in a variety of flavors. Others will include a lot more than simply a simple wedding with two individuals, the required witnesses, and the officiant. Some couples will invite their family members to the wedding, while others will opt for a more private ceremony. Unlike typical weddings, where the emphasis is on the guest experience and everything is done to ensure that the guests have a good time, elopement is all about the eloping couple.